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Forex Video Masterclass
1-L02 The Value In Price Action
1-L03 Multidimensional Forecasting
1-S1 Recap and Action Steps
2-A Quick Aside
2-L04 Simple Is Beautiful
2-L05 Deathmatch, Techs Vs Fundies
2-L06 It's About Possibilities, NOT Predictions
2-L07 Sturgeon's Law, 90pc Of Everything Is Crap
2-L08 Isn't It All Just Random Anyway
2-S2 Recap and Action Steps
3-L09 Reading Price Is Reading Emotions
3-L10 The Two Faces Of Price, Consolidation and Trend
3-L11 The Breakdown, Deconstructing Trends
3-L12 Life In Pieces, Fractals
3-S3 Recap and Action Steps
4-L13 The Random Walk
4-L14 Noise Vs Signal
4-L15 Back And Forth, Momentum and Mean Reversion
4-L16 V Is For Volatility
4-S4 Recap and Action Steps
5-L17 Target, Deploy, Profit
5-L18 The Nitty-Gritty Of Price Patterns
5-L19 Knock Knock, Entries
5-L20 Morphin Time, For Patterns
5-L21 Timeframes
5-L22 A Game Of Nuance
5-L23 Scoping Your Targets
5-S5 Recap and Action Steps
6-L24 Graceful Exits
6-L25 Probability Mutation
6-L26 Bayesian Inference
6-S6 Recap and Action Steps